Manually: artists and artisans from Fiumicino


MANUALLY Artists and craftsmen of the Municipality of Fiumicino and exhibiting at Villa Guglielmi Castle Torrimpietra from 19 October to 10 November 2013.

MANUAL MIND and the project of an exhibition divided into two locations, the beautiful historic home of Villa Guglielmi and impressive spaces of Cantina del Castello di Torre in Pietra . It comes from a triple objective: to communicate the territory with the languages ​​of art and creativity , enhance and promote the artistic and craft production of the Municipality of Fiumicino , make known and show people the trends and research of local artists in action, as well as the work of some craftsmen , whose production is characterized by an original creative impulse .

MANUAL MIND and a mapping, albeit partial , of the creative energies of the area, and brings together a cross-section of artistic skills and manuals active in the town , which had remained scattered and unknown . A moment of aggregation important comparison for artists and craftsmen who for the first time collectively are expressed in the sign of belonging to a territory. A survey that does not pretend to be exhaustive , but will constitute , in fact and in time, a start point and a basis for mapping continues to expand, which will allow to make ” local mind ” on the excellence of our territory. With the hope to create in the future a collection for the area.

The artists and artisans on display : Baseggio Luca , Dario Bellini, Francesca Benigni, Fabio Carandini Bertoli and Clara , Fabrizio Bertuccioli , Vito Bongiorno , Enrico Borghini , Amelia Buzzi , Marcia D’ Anella , Nadia Festuccia , Sabine Hoelkeskamp , Elisa Majnoni , Susanna Micozzi , Domenico Passagrilli , Julia Ripandelli , Jeremiah Russian , Luisa Taravella , Alessandra Traverso , Adam Victor .

MANUAL MIND , sponsored by the Municipality of Fiumicino – Department of Culture, Youth Policy , Equal Opportunities and Animal Rights , and was made possible thanks to the support by the Pro Loco Fiumicino Fiumicino to support Tributes SpA , Borgo di Tragliata and Cantina del Castello Torre in Pietra .