The Torre in Pietra Castle Cellars

Since mediaeval times, the Torre in Pietra estate and farm has, with its production of wine and cereals, always been one of the most important agricultural centres in the Roman countryside. The cellar has, since time immemorial, been inside the mediaeval borgo of Torre in Pietra, by the tower that gives the borgo and the farm their name. it was originally dug out of the tufa rock-face of the hill behind the Castle and already in the fifteenth century kept wine at an ideal temperature.

In 1938, during excavations for a tunnel that could link the various grottoes that are still used today, two prehistoric mammoth’s tusks were found. In 1999 the cellars were completely renewed and are today equipped with the latest state of the art technology. The shop that sells the farm’s products is at the entrance to the ancient grottoes, where the wines, grappas and extra virgin olive produced at Torre in Pietra Castle can be tasted and bought. In 2012 Slow Wine, the Slow Food Italian wine guide, gave the Torre in Pietra Castle wines the Moneta, an award given to wine producers who have not only produced wines of a very high quality but who charge competitive prices for their full  range.

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